Grapevine, Texas

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Grapevine Mosquito Misting Systems

The meeting place of “peace, friendship, and commerce”, Grapevine was named after the wild grapes that grew in the area. And with so many grapes around there’s no question that Grapevine is home to many winery tasting rooms. Lake Grapevine has 8,000-acers of lake and 19 miles of trails, and Grapevine has a grand total of 22 miles of trails.

The Texas climate offers several opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, the Texas climate is ideal for mosquitoes and other biting insects. Our Dallas mosquito misting systems will take care of your mosquitoes, spiders, flies, fleas, ticks, wasps & gnats. Our system can help control diseases carried by insects and parasites.

Our misting system will be installed in your property. We will set the timer for the misters to go off at dusk and dawn when the mosquitoes and other biting insects are most active. The organic pyrethrum based product is safe and effective for insect control, so you can enjoy your yard. We will also maintain the service on your system.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on satisfaction and a lifetime warranty. Call us today to get a Free Yard Evaluation!

Call us today to get a Free Yard Evaluation!