How Mosquito Misting Systems Work

Mosquito Misting System

Here are the basics. A mosquito misting system utilizes a reservoir, high pressure pump, motor and automated timer. The reservoir can be placed in a garage, shed or outside your house. There is also a new Tankless unit available. The reservoir is then filled with high quality natural pyrethrum, all organic natural botanicals.

Spray Nozzles

SPECIALIZED nozzles are then installed in a parameter style fashion around the yard. As an interior spray Nozzles are also attached in most cases to the house and in flower beds. We give special attention to the aesthetics of the installation to maintain a low visual impact. At designated times, the system automatically stirs and then sprays. This forces the pyrethrum out of the specialized nozzles emitting a fine mist that will travel across the yard ridding it of biting insects and blood sucking Mosquitos and their eggs.


Since pyrethrum biodegrades quickly, there will be no residue during the day that could harm butterflies or other beneficial insects. A mosquito misting system is the ONLY choice for TOTAL insect control in your backyard.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on satisfaction and a lifetime warranty. Call us today to get a Free Yard Evaluation!