Mosquito Misting Systems Information

Pyrethrum Insecticide

The active ingredient used in our systems is called Pyrethrum. Derived from crushed Chrysanthemum flowers, pyrethrum is considered biodegradable and so low in toxicity that the US Government has approved its use on "all natural food crop fields." These crops are at times even treated with pyrethrum while in transit to major supermarkets or processing plants.

Pyrethrum Works and It's Not Dangerous

Pyrethrum is used in city water supplies to kill dysentery while not harming humans who continue to drink, wash and cook with the pyrethrum treated water.

Worried about man’s best friend or pet animal? Most animal flea and tick topical shampoos contain pyrethrum as the active ingredient that kills fleas and ticks. So, treating the yard is not harmful to your animal at all. Misting systems are used inside horse barns to rid flies and even installed at Dog Daycare facilities to control the insect population.

Since the introduction of Pre-Spray Full agitation, all natural "green" labeled botanicals can effectively be used to control Mosquitos in the backyard as well.

Why endure another day with biting, disease spreading Mosquitos?

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