Mosquito Misting Systems

Your best solution is a Dallas Mosquito Control System!

You’ve worked hard to make your home and backyard your personal sanctuary, it’s now time to enjoy the outdoor entertainment areas, pool and summer kitchens. Why have that wonderful outdoor experience taken away by pesky biting mosquitos? Mosquitoes than not only CAN, but WILL spread disease. Make your backyard great again! by reducing 95-99% of mosquitoes with an automated mosquito misting system. Whether you have a simple backyard, or an elaborate spread rest assured that a mosquito misting systems can eliminate your problem with biting insects.

How Does an Automated Mosquito Systems Work?

Texan Mosquito Systems creates a mosquito prevention perimeter around your home by installing a custom-built mosquito misting system unit and pump that can be situated in your garage, shed or other outdoor area. Specialized nozzles are then installed around the perimeter created in your backyard. Interior spray nozzles are attached in most cases to the house and in flower beds, giving special attention to the aesthetics of the installation to maintain a low visual impact. We designate the system to automatically stir and spray the pyrethrum out of the specialized nozzles emitting a fine mist that will travel across the yard ridding it of mosquitoes and biting insects. Mosquito misting systems have evolved over the past few years, engineers have made misting systems capable of eliminating a variety of pesky insects not just mosquitoes. Options available to the home owner are PRE-SPRAY FULL AGITATION, 3 stage remote controlled WITH SKIP A SPRAY FEATURE, and zone kits FOR OVERSIZED PROPERTIES.

What is Pyrethrum, and Is It Safe?

Derived from crushed Chrysanthemum flowers, pyrethrum is considered biodegradable and breaks down with natural sunlight. Pyrethrum affects the central nervous system of the insect to paralyze them before they are killed, this is referred to as a “knock down” effect. The toxicity rating is the lowest possible by the EPA, that the US Government has approved its use on "all natural food crop fields.” Worried about man’s best friend, or other pet animals? Rest assured that Pyrethrum is safe for your pets. Most animal flea and tick topical shampoos contain Pyrethrum as the active ingredient that kills fleas and ticks. Mosquito misting systems are used inside horse barns to eliminate flies and are frequently used at Dog daycare facilities to control the insect population.

With a 45-day money back Guarantee and an available lifetime warranty there is nothing standing between you and having a backyard you can enjoy year-round.